Our Mission Began in 2016

We are determined to prevent distracted driving from Smartphone use

Our mission began in 2016 after a founder lost an employee in a fatal vehicle accident.  That moment solidified a commitment to prevent distracted driving and save lives.  After a thorough review of many flawed solutions, Live Undistracted was formed to provide an efficient, reliable, low-cost solution to this major problem.

Annual Deaths caused by Smartphone Distraction
+ 0
Injuries Annually caused by Smartphone Distraction
Vehicle Accidents caused by Smartphone Distraction
1 out of 4
Smartphone Related Accident Cost in the Commercial Trucking Industry
$ 0 B

Our Solution

Designed with the safety of the driver in mind, PhoneSafeTM prevents smartphone usage while driving through telematics-based phone screen blocking and offering a hands-free experience. 

In addition to preventing distracted driving – fleet managers, safety directors, and employees in enterprise can use it to simply track, confirm, and report if your driver is compliant with your cell phone policy.

Easy to Use

PhoneSafeTM automatically knows when the vehicle is taken out of and put back in to Park, triggering SafeMode.

Driver Privacy

The PhoneSafeTM System respects driver privacy. Our system only listens for a signal from the vehicle that it is out of Park.

Risk Mitigation

Get real-time alerts for phone policy violations with PhoneSafeTM ’s reporting capabilities.


How it Works

The PhoneSafeTM system from Live Undistracted addresses this issue by allowing Fleet Managers to effectively enforce their phone policies, promote good driving habits and eliminate the phone as a safety hazard for their drivers.

How It Works

The PhoneSafeTM System simply uses the vehicle’s data to shut down the phone screen when the vehicle is in motion.

Live Undistracted app illustration picture

Texts & Emails are still received but can only be seen when your vehicle is not in motion.


Download the App

A quick and easy download. Overcome any objections with the privacy of a one-way only system (listening) and incentives tied to procedure adherence.

Vehicle Connection

The PhoneSafeTM System easily integrates with your existing telematics solution or for those without this technology – an OBD Dongle is provided as an easy workaround.

Cloud Reporting

Real-time reporting provides fleet managers the insight and confirmation required to know their drivers are complying with phone policies. Driver SafeMode Status is continuously tracked and alerts are sent immediately for any potential unsafe condition.

What our customers say

We always strive for elaborate results and do our best to meet our customers’ needs.

Amazing customer experience all the way through! I've had some bad experiences in the past but this was just great!
Johan Andersson
Great service! I was treated in a serious and professional way despite asking a thousand questions. Superb!
Hannah Andersson
High quality and friendly encountaring from start to finish. Recommended to everyone who values real quality!
Fredrik Oliver

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