Live Undistracted

Distracted driving is a business problem 


The PhoneSafe System makes it simple for commercial drivers to abide by corporate phone policies.

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Developed for drivers


easy to use

PhoneSafe automatically knows when the vehicle is taken out of and put back in to Park, triggering SafeMode.

driver privacy

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The PhoneSafe System respects driver privacy. Our system only listens for a signal from the vehicle that it is out of Park. 

Bluetooth Low Energy

PhoneSafe won’t drain your driver’s phone battery and all personal and phone data is not accessible.

Easy for managers


plug & play

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Our solution leverages the existing data from your telematics platform to reliably trigger SafeMode on the phone. 

enforce phone policies

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The PhoneSafe System promotes driver acceptance by respecting both their performance and privacy. 

risk mitigation

Fleet, route and safety managers get real-time alerts for phone policy violations with PhoneSafe’s reporting capabilities.



The Data

The numbers speak for themselves, and even at that, they’re conservative:



vehicle accidents

26% of vehicle accidents involve a cell phone. 24% of all workplace deaths are motor vehicle related. 2,300% increased crash risk from texting or phone interaction.



business impact

Phone related accidents cost US commercial fleets $2.5B annually. The average commercial vehicle accident costs $40,000 for fleet-based companies.



return on investment

Customers who have invested in a low-cost phone use prevention solution, can typically see a 5X or more return.


About Us

Two fleet industry veterans, and brothers, Mike and Tom Maguire saw the need for a distracted driving solution that was simple to use, benefited the driver and cost effective. After working on a case-based solution, they quickly discovered they needed something less intrusive for drivers. Today both brothers are key advisors to Live Undistracted and continue to have a hands-on role.


Leadership Team


Damien Moroney


Damien has over 20 years of sales, marketing and leadership experience. He has worked with, and for, technology B2B SMB’s and large enterprise companies.

steve owens


A serial entrepreneur, Steve has founded and served as CTO for four companies with multiple successful exits. Steve personally holds over 25 patents.

mike maguire

VP Business Development

VP of Business Development for Contract Callers Inc., Mike has spent his career in Operations and Fleet Management for the Utility Industry.