Live Undistracted LLC Names Startup Veteran Jim Mundell as CEO

Mundell to lead the commercialization of innovative technology to prevent distracted driving…

Research Triangle Park, NC –April XX, 2020– Live Undistracted, LLC, a transportation safety technology company, has named startup veteran Jim Mundell as its CEO. Live Undistracted is addressing the growing problem of distracted driving with its PhoneSafe™ Solution, a patent-pending detection system that prevents accidents by blanking a smartphone screen when a vehicle is in motion.  As CEO, Mundell will focus on funding and preparing the company to enter the $2B commercial carrier and consumer safety market.

Jim Mundell has over 35 years of executive-level business experience in the wireless utility metering, medical devices, sensor, semiconductor, SaaS, and EMS markets.  He most recently held the position of Vice President, Services at Sensus and participated in the turnaround and sale of the company for $1.7B in 3 years. Mundell has held the CEO/COO/VP positions at multiple start-ups including Clinical Sensors, Nextreme, Volumetrics Medical Imaging, Trivirix, and CBA. He has also held VP level positions with GE, Harris, SCI Systems, and CTS.  Jim holds an MSIA and BSEET from Purdue University and has served as an adjunct professor in Duke University’s MEM Program.

According to the National Safety Council, smartphone related accidents could account for as many as 1 in 4 accidents on US roads.  It is estimated that in the US alone over 3,000 people are killed each year due to distracted driving related incidents, and that accidents related to phone use cost US commercial fleet operators over $2B per year. Recognizing the problem, nearly all fleet operators have implemented some form of policy restricting or prohibiting phone use by drivers. But despite these efforts, driver phone policies have been difficult, if not impossible to enforce. The cost-effective PhoneSafe™ solution integrates with a fleet’s existing GPS telematics platform and allows fleet managers to enforce their phone policies, reduce costly accidents and protect their drivers.

“We are delighted to have Jim onboard as our CEO,” said Steve Owens, CTO & Co-Founder of Live Undistracted. “Jim has a proven track record in technology and product commercialization that creates real and sustainable value for investors and customer alike.”

“When I first learned of Live Distracted and its innovative technology, the potential impact to the commercial carrier and consumer safety market quickly became apparent,” said Mundell. “Beyond the financial impact that driving accidents have is the personal tragedy that occurs when a life is lost. Live Undistracted will help reduce the loss of life caused by distracted driving.”

Live Undistracted plans to distribute its PhoneSafe™ system through existing GPS telematics and fleet management reseller channels to reach the estimated 350,000 commercial fleet operators in the US that serve utilities, big box retailers, delivery services, commercial carriers and local service companies. The company is currently seeking investment to complete product development and begin executing its go-to-market strategy. Contact Mike Maguire, VP Business Development, (610)-960-4110, for more information.

About Live Undistracted

Live Undistracted, LLC is an early-stage transportation safety technology company. The Company’s patent-pending beaconing technology provides a low-cost method for controlling smartphones when vehicles are in motion. Its PhoneSafe™ solution seamlessly integrates with commercial trucking fleets existing GPS telematics platforms and allows fleet managers to enforce their phone policies, prevent costly accidents and protect their drivers and others on the road from distracted driving. For more information, visit

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