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Teenage Drivers​

  • Everyday there are over 15 million young drivers from the ages of 15-20 years old on the road.
  • Using PhoneSafeTM  can keep their full attention on the road and their driving to keep themselves & those around them safe.
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Commercial Fleet Drivers​

  • There are 150 million commercial vehicles on the road in the US with almost 22 million having telematics fleet management tools installed.
  • Integrating PhoneSafeTM  will provide a much safer environment for the drivers and others on the road.

User Based Insurance Drivers

  • Usage-based Insurance companies (Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, Allstate), all use telematics to measure metrics of driving habits (driving speed, miles driven, hard-braking incidents, etc.) to reward safe drivers.
  • Adding the PhoneSafeTM with these solutions will greatly Prevent Distracted Driving and reduce insurance premiums even more.

Field Sales & Service Drivers

  • There are Millions of professional drivers like Field sales reps, drivers in the delivery and service industries, etc. who are at great risk of being distracted by their phone while driving.
  • Using PhoneSafeTM can help reduce the risk of accidents caused due to distracted driving and promote hands-free driving.

School Bus Drivers

  • Over 26 Million children in the US depend on around 480,000 school buses to transport them safely to school.
  • PhoneSafeTM can help ensure that school bus drivers are focused on the road & avoid distracted driving accidents that could risk the lives of kids.

Forklift Drivers

  • An estimated 4.5 Million fork lift drivers in the US are at risk of tens of thousands of accidents every year.
  • Integrating PhoneSafeTM solution into forklifts can help create a safer working environment for drivers, free from potential distractions.

Off Road Equipment Drivers

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Live Undistracted is actively engaging with telematics partners who are willing to integrate our application into their customer solution. Our Partners are happy to provide a demonstration of our application integrated with their solution.  You can also Contact Us directly for assistance.

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