How it Works

The PhoneSafe System simply uses the vehicle’s data to shut down the phone screen when the vehicle is in and out of park. 

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download the app

A quick an easy download. Overcome any objections with the privacy of a one-way only system (listening) and incentives tied to procedure adherence. 

Vehicle connection

The PhoneSafe System easily integrates with your existing telematics solution. For those without this technology – an OBD Dongle is provided as an easy workaround.

Cloud Reporting

Real-time reporting provides fleet managers the insight and confirmation required to know their drivers are complying with phone policies. Driver SafeMode Status is continuously tracked and alerts are sent immediately for any potential unsafe condition. 


Developed for Drivers


Easy to Use

Once the PhoneSafe system is in place – the phone screen will simply shut down when the vehicle is in gear. To use the phone – simply pull over to a safe spot and put the vehicle in park.   Hands-Free capabilities can be authorized by the fleet administrator.  

Low Energy – Low Data

PhoneSafe uses almost zero battery (via BTLE) and will not leave you needing a recharge.  Unlike many other driver safety apps – PhoneSafe uses minimal data and will not impact your data plan.  

Driver Privacy

The PhoneSafe System respects driver privacy.  Our system only listens for a signal from the vehicle that it is out of park.  Our app does not track phone usage, location, speed, or any other information on the phone.  All information comes from the vehicle – not the phone.  It has no way to report back anything other than our Safe Mode status.   


Easy for Managers


Plug & Play

Our solution leverages the existing data from your telematics platform to reliably trigger Safe Mode on the phone.   No additional hardware.  Cloud analytics provide real time alerts.   Simple.  Easy.

Enforce Phone Policies

The biggest obstacle to enforcing cell phone policies is driver adoption.  The PhoneSafe System promotes driver acceptance by respecting both their performance and privacy.  No invasive software or clunky hardware is required. 


Risk Mitigation

Confirm your drivers are in Safe Mode using our cloud-based dashboards and analytics.  In addition – the PhoneSafe system can detect and report on unregistered phones via our PhoneDetect solution - so those second (personal) phones can be addressed as well.