Progress Update - August 2019

With four smart money investors and a new disruptive go-to-market strategy, Live Undistracted has now entered the seed, angel-funding stage and is seeking individual investors as well as accepting Pilot Applications.

New Smart Money Investors
In order for a startup to raise angel funding ($50-250K investments), it needs industry experts as ‘backers’ of the idea and business opportunity. This usually comes in the form of small investments, typically $1-$5K.

We are extremely happy to announce that we now have several smart money investors, which means we can approach angel investors. Angels are individual, professional investors. They will allow us to fund product development, sales and marketing and operating expenses. Should you know such high net-worth individuals, please provide an intro.

New, Disruptive Go-to-Market Strategy
A business can disrupt a market in many different ways. While often associated with a new technology breakthrough, it’s more common when customer value is delivered differently (read better) than the norm, for example, how the product or service is priced, delivered or supported. Think in-app purchases, Uber, Google, Amazon, etc.

The cost of phone-based, disruptive driving solutions are currently in the $5-15/driver/month range. Originally, we had planned to offer our solution towards the lower end. After many conversations with industry experts, telematics VAR’s (value added resellers) and fleet companies, we came to - what we believe to be - a disruptive go-to-market pricing strategy. More to come on that when we are ready to release PhoneSafe 1.0; however, if you want to know now, feel free to set up a call here.

Accepting Pilot Applications
Live Undistracted is now accepting a limited number of applications to pilot the PhoneSafe app. Contact us to learn about Early Adopter benefits and have an opportunity to influence future features and functionality. Learn more and apply here.

Geotab Integration
We continue to work with Geotab on the PhoneSafe Integration. We expect to know a completion date soon - within the next 3 months or so.

Healthy Pipeline
As a result of the above conversations, we have exposed PhoneSafe to many in the industry. This has led to a healthy pipeline of interested VAR’s, fleet companies and potential future investors.

Damien Moroney